viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Looking for Pepe

After 20 years, someone has managed to lose Pepe, involuntarily or purposely. A family of father and son had taken the matter in hand trying to find Pepe just in case the loss was accidental and not by design.

It was just after the New Year, on the 2nd of January, when Salvador Tudela and his son Nacho found a gold wedding ring in the street in the centre of Barcelona, at the corner of Urgell and Mallorca. It's a simple gold ring of a woman, judging by the small size, and inside the band, there's an inscription: 'Pepe 14-10-88'.

This story was published in the local paper a couple of days ago, in the section: 'Reader's Letters', as Salvador the father had written to the paper with the hope to be able to return it to the lady who lost the ring, no doubt extremely unhappy and desolate, because the sentimental value of a wedding ring is priceless. That is, presuming that it was not thrown out because of a broken relationship.

He has created a web address specially for this purpose. (the address in English means: wholovespepe .....) He and his family even start joking that perhaps they will create a web page of lost and found love and sentiments.

They had received so far only 2 replies. Neither had anything to do with Pepe, the lady or the ring, just readers who appreciated Salvador's action and thank him for being a good citizen. This alone makes him very happy, but he said he would be over the moon if he could find the rightful owner to return the precious ring.

I post it here with the slim hope that somebody might know Pepe, or his wife. If not, like the others who had written to him, I wish to add my thanks too, for proving to myself what I have always believed that there are more good than bad people in this world

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